"I can honestly say that when we met, I had no idea that I'd go crazy for you like I did.  It was so sudden, and it gives me the chills to think about the awesome feeling of falling in love."

"A guy who takes the time to analyze the meaning of a kiss is legendary...But a guy who doesn't pressure a girl is truly one of a kind.  And I have that here...with you."

"I like opening the mailbox to find a letter from you... However, as is the case with every storm, there will always be a calm; the clouds break and the rain stops.  The sun starts shining, a rainbow lights the sky, and as long as it's visible, I know there's hope...because where there's hope, there's faith; where there's faith, there's God. Where there's God, there's love.  What more do we need?"

"I believe you can’t appreciate real love until you understand what love is."

"Overhead, the sun reflected off the red foil as it twisted and twirled above an elm tree and brushed the leaves of a taller pine as a light breeze swirled; the balloon climbed beyond the foliage, quickening its untamed ascent into the sky. "

"I remember the first time we kissed. It was my first kiss, and I will treasure it always.  I remember the time we danced on the golf course even though the music was so hard to hear.  You didn't like to dance, but we did it anyway - because you did it for me."

“It’s never wrong to place your needs before the Lord, but what you need to pray for is the serenity in knowing that God always has a plan, even though it may not be the same as what you pray for.” Found on Page 65.

“My kiss is the first chapter of the book. Together we can write the rest of the story. It will be our novel, and we’ll someday tell the world. But tonight…it’s about us and I so badly want you to kiss me like that time and time again.”

"I believe in miracles.

They happen when you least expect them."

"I think in some ways our love was like a lost treasure.  No one holds the key to unlock the past, so we have to move on, hoping that the jewels we found inside our chest will shape our future, and the diamonds and gold will sparkle throughout the rest of our lives."

"In the glowing moonlight, standing close, he touched her cheek. It was warm and smooth, just like her hands.  She closed her eyes as he leaned into her, and they kissed. Her soft, gentle lips parted slightly, and he tasted her raspberry flavored lip-gloss."

"I think about how each one of us is like the stars and planets.  There are countless numbers, but you can only see a few; they represent the people closest to you..."

Summer Letters

"I started wondering if I’d ever meet 'Mr. Right'. The full gamut of questions entered my mind: 'Where’s my Prince Charming? Do I already know him? Has he already come and gone?'"


Various quotes from the novel Summer Letters

"I promise it will be worth the wait."