Summer Letters

Am I going to cry when I read this book?

Many people ask this question.   You may be to answer the question for yourself by reading the Prologue to get a little more insight.  Fair warning if you read the Prologue - the majority of the book is not quite like the beginning. Or, if you've read novels like:  A Walk to Remember, The Notebook or The Last Song, then you may have a better idea if you will or won't shed a tear.

How many pages are in this book?
Summer Letters is 432 pages in length.

Is this book "real"?
Some of the events are inspired from true events.

Where does the main story take place?

The majority of the story takes place in a small town in Minnesota.  The dates and locations are fictional.

Is there a preview of this book available? has a sneak-peek available for you.  There's also an additional portion of a chapter available on

Is this a "Christian book"?
There is a certain faith element to this novel but there is not a definitive Christian faith or denomination portrayed in this novel, .

When was this book released?
October 1, 2013.  Paperback and eBook copies are available at famous booksellers like and, Most often you can save money and can purchase author direct copies on this website.  Autographed copies are available at no additional charge.  Note: Hardcover copies are only available through this website and not produced for distribution at this time.

Can I purchase this book at my local bookstore?
If your bookstore does not carry copies, they should be able to order it for you.  Summer Letters is distributed nationally and internationally, so a special order request may be needed.

Will a movie of Summer Letters be produced?
 It would be an honor for a film of Summer Letters to be produced.   This novel has been shared with production companies and consideration is being given for film adaptation.  Demand for the print version will likely influence possibility of a movie version.   More details about a movie production will be shared as they become available.

Who is the author of Summer Letters?

Dan Petermeier is the author. 

Is it one of those steamy or "50 Shades of Gray" style books?

No, this is nothing like your typical Harlequin Romance or anything like 50 Shades of Gray.  This is a romantic drama that will probably pull at your heart-strings.  You may be able to relate to the "real-life" type of characters and situations.  If you like novels like "The Last Song" or "Dear John", then you'll get a better idea of what type of story you'll discover with Summer Letters.  

Who will enjoy reading this book?

Readers of virtually every generation will appreciate the relationship dynamics between the main characters, as they all seem to intertwine.   Since the  initial release, we've known several readers ages 12-15 and at least a few at the other end of the spectrum - around age 80.  Like many romance novels of this genre most readers will be ages 16-55 or so.

Tell me more about Summer Letters
This novel follows Liam Roberts, a young man pursuing his dream job and a lasting relationship, with the support of many important women in his life.

 A twenty-year-old banker, Liam aspires to work his way up the corporate ladder.   Growing up in a large family, by the time Liam graduates high school and is ready to go off on his own, only his younger sister is still living at home.   She is a fun, athletic and academically gifted young woman and Liam's closest confidant.   She wants what Liam already has experienced - a meaningful relationship with the prospects of a long-term future.

But not everything always goes as Liam hopes.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes the pieces of life don't always fit the way you expect.  The soft-spoken, well-mannered Liam, quickly discovers that pieces of his life are not lining up as he anticipates and wishes.

As the weather starts warming up, Liam is introduced to a flirtatious young woman and immediately their relationship begins to flourish.  Just when Liam thinks he's on the right path, his sister throws him off track and the letter he receives could change alter his course dramatically.

During a storm-filled summer -intertwining relationships, life's adventures, and much more are ahead of Liam, his family, and the friends he meets in the most unexpected ways. 
Q & A

A romantic drama, Summer Letters
adds just the right amount of mystery and humor.

How will I know if I will enjoy Summer Letters?
  Please take a few minutes to read some of the details about the novel or view the various video trailers for the book.   Some of the things I have heard from readers are the following about Summer Letters

 "What an amazing book. I highly recommend this book. It pulls your emotions in every direction. It had me smiling one moment and then the next it brought a tears to my eyes."

"I couldn't put it down! It is exactly what I thought it would be a classic & one of my favorites now as well!! Warmed my heart from beginning to end."

"So when is the movie?"

"Impossible to put down."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it kept me guessing right up to the end! The characters are charming and well-developed...though I'm hoping for a sequel..."

"Just finished reading it and it was a very good clean read"

Fans from across the United States have asked some questions about the novel Summer Letters, so I have chosen to answer some of the popular ones here.  If you have a question, please send me an message.