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-"I never expected to be grabbed by the power of love and faith portrayed in this book!

I could not stop when I started reading it; I just couldn't!"

-Complete review on by Kim C.

-"I had awarded the book 5 stars by the end of chapter 4!"

    -Complete review on Goodreads by Lorraine C.

-"This book was such an awesome love story"

    -Complete review on Goodreads by Brookie

-"Loved this book! The story is well written and I didn't figure it out until the end."

     -Complete review on Goodreads by Maryann W

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From the first page to the last, Summer Letters will have you laughing and crying. 

But above all, it will have you believing that sometimes love can endure every storm of life.

Summer Letters

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Life's like a puzzle...

Every person is given one piece.
You never know who you will meet that has a connecting part...

or who will change your life forever.

What would you do
 to find your soul mate?

After a series of relationships including one that breaks his heart and crushes his spirit, the  twenty-year-old, Liam Roberts, is introduced to a sexy young woman from a wealthy family. Still recovering from the sting of past relationships, he is afraid to let her get too close to him. Liam questions everything about his life and wonders if he is on the right path or if God has other plans for him. A romantic young man, Liam hopes that he won't have to search forever to find his soul mate.

The flirty and affectionate young woman is virtually everything Liam ever dreamed about. As spring turns to summer, she weaves her way into his life and his heart. But then an unexpected letter arrives in the mail and Liam's summer takes a turn he never imagined.

Will one letter bring two people together or force them to say goodbye - forever?